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How To Print A Book Oversea? Empty How To Print A Book Oversea?

Mon Feb 13, 2023 1:54 am

When you are reading a book, will you think about how this book is printed? I think most of us not care about this. When read a book, you will find some books can be open flat, but some books are not. I think most of us like the books in good quality.

When a author finish his story after a very long time, the next step he may want the documents turns out to be a physical book. Then he will start to find a printer to assist his implement the desirability. He maybe find a local printer, or print his book oversea to save some cost. We have met some author wanted to print his book oversea but give up because the turn around time. Print oversea you must consider about the shipping time. Some author want to receive the books sooner so he will consider about air shipping, but the air freight is very expensive, if ship via sea would too long. If so, you can choose to send a small quantity via air, and the rest quantity via sea.

When you find a good printer, you will share your files with them. Normally files can be shared via Wetransfer or Dropbox or Google, and you can mail the USB to them if you think that will more comfortable. After receive the files, if no problem then can start to arrange printing. Usually we will print a proof sample book before mass production. From the sample you can view about the binding, paper stock, printing etc. Because the sample is printed via digital machine, while the mass production will be printed via offset machine, so the sample book colors will be slightly difference with the mass production colors. The sample issues can be adjusted when mass production. Once the books are finished, we can take clear pictures and video for you reference.

Packing is also a very important part for a book printing. To make sure the author can receive his books in good conditions, printers will pack the books with strong pallets. We also will add plastic bag inside the box to protect books from moisture. If the shipping way do not need pallets, we will pack the books with double boxes to avoid the books from damage during shipping.

Print oversea, you maybe worry at the beginning. Don't worry, I trust you will enjoy the great service, very cheap price, and very fantastic book quality.
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