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Types Of Foil Stamping On Hardcover Book Printing Empty Types Of Foil Stamping On Hardcover Book Printing

Fri Mar 03, 2023 12:40 am
Foil stamping is widely used in various of hardcover book, foil stamping also can combine with other finishing. Here are the three hot popular foil stamping on the hardcover book.

foil stamping

What is the foil stamping process in hardcover book printing :

It is a special printing process that does not use ink. It is a process of using the template installed on the hot stamping machine to make the printed matter and the hot stamping foil press each other in a short time with the help of a certain pressure and temperature. Then transfer the metal foil or pigment foil to the surface of the printed matter according to the image and text of the hot stamping template.

What is the function of foil stamping?

1. Surface decoration can improve the added value of products.

The products processed by the gilding process have clear and beautiful patterns, bright colors and magnificent visual effects. The combination of gilding and embossing process and other processing methods can play the role of turning stone into gold and finishing point of hardcover book printing, and also show the strong decorative effect of the products:

2. Give the product high anti-counterfeiting performance.

The positioning and hot stamping anti-counterfeit label needs to transfer the anti-counterfeit information layer on the label to the object to be pasted by heating. Which can not be peeled off and copied, to achieve the anti-counterfeit effect.

There have 3 foiling types for the hardcover book printing, one is flat foiling, the second is debossed foiling, and the third is embossed foiling. Why we will see difference foiling effect on difference hardcover? That is because the procedure for the foil stamping is not the same.

We see the flat foiling on a paper cover the most, that is because the printer will foiling the logo on the paper first, then mounted the paper on the grey board. This is the fast way and cheapest way.

Debossed foiling usually use on the cloth/PU leather cover book printing. For this kind of material, the printer will mount the cloth/PU leather on the grey board first, then foiling the logo on the cover.

Due to special request, there have one more effect-embossed foiling. Normally this finishing contains embossed+foiling, 2 finishing, the price will be higher than the other 2 foiling effect.

When you want to do your cover with foiling logo, you can tell them the size of the foiling logo, because the foling size also will affect the price. We have many difference foiling colors can be chosen for the hardcover book printing. Glossy foiling or matte foiling, flat foiling or debossed foiling or embossed foiling, we can do as your request fully.
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