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Coated VS Special Paper:What’s The Difference Empty Coated VS Special Paper:What’s The Difference

Tue Aug 02, 2022 2:01 am
Printing books in china, paper is one of the four major elements, so select the paper for printed products is very important. The choice of paper has a great influence on the color reproduction, stiffness, artistic effect and grade of the books. The common paper for book printing is coated paper and special paper, so what is the difference between the two?

What is coated paper?

Coated paper, also known as coated printing paper, is called powder paper in Hong Kong and other regions. It is a printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint. Mainly used for printing book covers and illustrations, color pictures, various commodity advertisements, samples, commodity packaging, trademarks, etc.

Classification of coated paper

1. Double-sided

The paper surface is smooth and white on both sides, with good gloss and high opacity. After color printing, the pattern effect is bright and color gradation is good, which is suitable for custom coloring book printing.

2. One-sided

One side is coated and the other side is glued, so the paper is bright, smooth, and uniform in ink absorption on one side. Suitable for printing labels, posters, covers, etc.

What is specialty paper?

There are different definitions of special paper in the market. In layman's terms, it refers to paper that is different from common coated paper, matte paper, writing paper, Carbonless paper, gray cardboard and other ordinary paper, Special paper has the following characteristics:

1. Use special raw materials

Specialty paper is a paper with special functions made of different fibers by a paper machine. For example, synthetic fibers, synthetic pulp or mixed wood pulp and other raw materials are used alone, and different materials are used for modification or processing.

2. For special purpose

Due to the use of special raw materials, paper is endowed with special functions and uses, such as: life, building materials, electrical products, filters, machinery industry, agriculture, information, optics, culture and art, biochemical cutting-edge technology, etc.

In short, as long as special raw materials or paper materials for special purposes are used, they are collectively referred to as special paper.

The difference between coated and special paper

Coated paper is the cover paper of magazines, leaflets,book, etc. that are usually used. It is very common and can be seen everywhere.

The advantage of coated paper:

The price is cheap, the color reproduction is good, and the thickness is moderate.

The shortcoming of coated paper:

1. No grade and very common.

2. Folding is in an air-dry environment, especially in winter, it is easy to burst and crack.

3. Ordinary coated paper is not enough stiffness, relatively soft, and obviously not comfortable to use.

The advantage of special paper:

1.Special paper is better than coated paper in paper properties. Such as bulk, stiffness and color reproduction. About 250 grams of special paper can achieve the effect of 300 grams of coated paper.

2.Special paper feels comfortable, and books and brochures are not easy to make readers tired.

3.It is widely used in various high-grade printed materials, such as business cards, picture albums, magazines, commemorative albums, invitations,hardcover book printing and etc.

The shortcoming of special paper: The price is quite expensive.

In short,different papers have different properties that determine what they can be used for.

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