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How Does Glossy Paper Compare To Matte Paper? Empty How Does Glossy Paper Compare To Matte Paper?

Sun Aug 14, 2022 11:28 pm
Although glossy paper and matte paper are common in China printing services. Many people do not know that glossy paper compare to matte paper,which is better? Next, let's compare glossy paper and matte paper through four aspects. They are appearance, texture, price, and printing pattern effects.

Coated paper also called glossy paper.Coated paper is light in weight and high in gloss and smoothness. Coated paper is often used to print a magazine or high-end book's covers and pictures. Or gift box printing. Matte paper has another name, matte-coated paper. From this name, we can know that the biggest difference between matte paper and coated paper is the surface gloss. Matte paper is not reflective on both sides in sunlight. While the surface of coated paper looks shiny.

glossy paper is a high-grade printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint. Common gram weights are 105g, 128g, and 157g coated paper. The production process of coated paper and matte paper is the same. But the coating formula is different. And the matte paper should be light pressure when overpressure.

How does Glossy paper compare to Matte paper?

The following is a detailed introduction:

1. Appearance

The manufacturing principle of glossy paper is to coat a layer of white paint on the base paper and then calendar it. Its biggest feature is the smoothness of the paper. Which is very smooth compared to ordinary paper. Besides, there are higher requirements for whiteness. According to such characteristics. When facing the light, the coated paper will have a more obvious reflective effect.

In a sense, matte powder paper is also a kind of glossy paper. Its official name is "matte coated paper" or "matte coated paper". Compared with coated paper, matte powder paper is a higher-grade paper. The difference between the two is no obvious reflection, although matte paper is not as bright as coated paper. But the fineness, matte paper is better.

2. Texture

As the glossy paper chosen by most customers. Although the whiteness is higher, it is still worse than the matte paper. Besides, the matte paper's hardness is also higher, and will not be easy to deform. But the price of matte paper is more expensive. From the perspective of cost, matte paper is generally used in the color field. While black and white paper generally uses glossy paper or double-adhesive paper. Such as story book printing.

3. Price

Since the properties of matte paper are better than glossy paper. The price of matte powder paper is also higher than that of glossy paper. After all, we often say that you get what you pay for.

4. Printing pattern effect

The patterns printed on the glossy paper are bright and vivid in color. And the image is realistic, with an effect like photos. But, the product printed on matte paper have more delicate patterns and low-key luxury. And can also improve the grade of the product. So matte paper is often used for the best hardcover book printing.

To summarize, the price, hardness, and printing pattern effect of matte paper are higher than glossy paper. But matte paper is not as bright as glossy paper.

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