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 How to choose paper for printing? Empty How to choose paper for printing?

Sun Sep 18, 2022 7:34 pm
When we print a book, how to choose paper for printing? The quality of books depends on the choice of paper. Different paper, the quality and cost to print a book is different. So different book printing services, the choice of paper is also different.

1.For the cover or illustration of hardcover book printing, catalog printing, posters printing. We often use coated paper for such printing. Coated paper, also known as printing coated paper. Coated paper is made by coating a layer of white slurry on the base paper and calendering. The surface of the paper is smooth, the whiteness is high, the elasticity is small. More important,the absorption and reception of the ink are very good. After color printing, the pattern effect is bright and color gradation is very good. Thus,coated paper is suitable for custom hardcover books,catalogs,and posters.
2.For the inner page of photo album,brochure, hardcover book printing. Most of printing house will use the offset paper to print such of books. The surface of the offset paper is not coated with pulp. Although the gloss and smoothness are worse than those of the coated paper. But Offset paper has low flexibility, uniform ink absorption, good smoothness. Tight and opaque texture, good whiteness, and strong water resistance. So use the offset paper for such books printing,the quality is very good.
3.For the magazine printing, often use the coated paper and matt art paper. Due to these two type of paper is very smooth and reception of the ink is very good. The patterns use these paper to print is very beautiful and realized. So the magazine printing often use these two types of paper.
4.For the children's board book printing. Compared to other paper,coated paper is more suitable. Because use coated paper to custom board book is not easy to torn by the children. And the pictures printed on this paper is very beautiful. It is much easier to attract children to read. For young children,who are just beginning to read, the books they read are almost board books.
5.For the notebook printing,often use offset paper. Because the offset paper has small elasticity, uniform ink absorption, good smoothness. It is easy to write and alter. so it is more suitable for note book printing.
In short, different printing services,the needs of paper is different. Chinaprinting4u provides various of printing service. No matter what kind of printing service you want, we can meet your needs. Contact us to get a quote now.
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