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Custom Desk Calendar To Promote Your Company Empty Custom Desk Calendar To Promote Your Company

Thu Sep 29, 2022 2:26 am
Custom Desk Calendar To Promote Your Company Oem_ca10

With the popularity of posters and electronic advertising. Desk calendar still popular in our daily life.Many people may be ask a set of problems. Why many companies still custom desk calendar to promote their business ? Can a customized advertising desk calendar bring traffic? How to custom a desk calendar to promote your company? Look at my below introduction,you will find the answer.

Why are custom printed desk calendars the best promotional tool ?

1. The price is cheap.
Custom desk calendar is the cheapest way to promote our business than other electronic advertise. For example, print 1000 copies of desk calendar only needs $2000. But you make a electronic advertising and promote through various channels. It may be needs $10000-$100000,even more higher.

2. As a gift for your customer to maintain the relationship.
At the end of year,many companies will choose custom desk calendar as a gift for their clients. Why they print the desk calendar is not choose other gifts? Because you choose other gifts for your customers, they may not remember who gave them. Because there are too many companies giving them gifts at the end of the year. But a custom desk calendar is different because your company information is printed on it and your customers can remember who gave them.

3.  Advertise your company for free 365 days.
Although today's smartphones have set solar terms such as the lunar calendar. Many people keep the habit of reading the desk calendar every day.Because some major festivals are according to the lunar calendar. The desk and wall calendars have lunar moments. And the desk calendar has a note function so they can mark certain special days. So when your customers open their desk calendar every day. They will see your company and product information,and remember you. That means the desk calendar advertise your company for free 365 days. There isn't any outreach method to do this, but print a 365 day desk calendar does.

Can desk calendar bring traffic?

The answer is sure. When your target or old customers learn about your brand or new products through the desk calendar. Due to 365 days advertising effect. Your brand and your company had been imprinted in their minds. Thus,they had been trust your brand. They will buy your new products or recommend to their friends and partners.

How to custom a desk calendar to promote your company?

1.Determine the target.
When you design to custom a desk calendar to promote your company. You must determine your target at first,this is very important. Because only you print the calendar to your target clients,they can bring traffic. Then to cooperate with you or recommend to their partners and promote your company.

2.What kind of messages are printed on the desk calendar?
Your brand development history,main products,cooperative brands or successful cases. These messages are printed on the desk calendar is very helpful for promote your company.

3.The selection of desk calendar printing.
Based on my years of experience in desk calendar printing services. Most of clients choose coated or matte paper to custom desk calendar. Because use these two types of paper to print the desk calendar. The pictures look more beautiful and realized. And the calendar feels more high-end. It is easier to attract the clients focus on your product and remember your brand when they open it.

4.The selection of binding methods.
Why use spiral bound binding to custom desk calendar? Because compared to other binding method,it is easier and convenient for clients to flip or tear.

5.Now,choose a printing house to print desk calendar 2023.
We have more than 20 years of printing experience. Due to premium Customized service,we had won a lot of good reviews from our clients. If you want to print high quality desk calendars to promote your company. Please call us now to get a quote.
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