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Board Book VS Hardcover: Which Is Better Empty Board Book VS Hardcover: Which Is Better

Mon Oct 17, 2022 10:48 pm
These years, since hardcover children's book and board book are hot sale in the children's book market. Board book and hardcover book are also most popular among all kinds of children's book printing. Thus, most publishers print their children's book often choose between board book and hardcover children's book. But there has a question: board book vs hardcover printing : which is better? Now, let's detail discuss this issue.

What is a board book?

In the book printing industry, board book often meant that book mounting together with two one side coated papers.

What is a hardcover book?

Hardcover book also known as hardback book, case bound book, bound book, etc. We usually refer to books bound with gluing or sewing as hardcover books. Hardcover book with this binding method which makes it open flat and uses it longer. Custom a hardcover book,we often with round or square spine.

Whether custom a board book or hardcover book, its advantage is looks high end and has long timed use. Their printing way,crafts and cost are not much difference.

Board book VS hardcover : what is the difference?

1. The paper for printing is different

Because custom board books which have the standard of hardness and bright. Most papers are not suitable to print the board books. Coated paper, whether its hardness or bright, can meet board book printing needs. Thus, we often use two single side coated papers and with glue to mount together. If some customers have special needs, we can use one side coated paper and one thick gray board, then mounting together. Custom a board book. We often suggest 300g-350g coated paper. Because too thin, the hardness of the board book is not enough. But if too thick, the cost is too high and hard to make.

For custom hardcover book printing, the paper has no special requirements. You can choose your favor paper to print your hardcover book. Custom hardcover book, we often use coated paper ,matte paper, offset paper,special paper,etc.

2. The binding style is different

Custom a board book. We often use specialized board book binding way. We binding the board book often use machine mounting and artificial mounting these two types.

Custom a hardcover book, we often with perfect glue binding or sewing hardcover.

3. The pages and sizes need is different

For board book printing, we often suggest the pages between 8-36 pages, and the size between 3-10 inches. Because the pages are too more or size to large, the cost is too high, and hard to mount the book. So if your book' pages too more, we don't recommend to custom board book.

For hardcover book printing, whether pages or size, they're often without too much limited.

Board book VS hardcover : which is better?

To sum up, whether board book or hardcover book,there's no such thing as better. No matter you print your book as a board book or hardcover book, your choice is depend on your book pages, size, binding way, etc.

Board book or hardcover book, don't know how to select? Don't worry about that. Please contact us, our experts will give you some suggestions and guide you one by one to custom your book.
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