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 5 Common Crafts For Notebook Printing Empty 5 Common Crafts For Notebook Printing

Thu Nov 17, 2022 1:14 am
 5 Common Crafts For Notebook Printing Notebo10

Notebook is a type of notebook printing product. Usually use by all kinds of business people or white-collar people. Now, with the continuous improvement of various business people's requirements for notebook. As a hardcover notebook printing enterprise. Also should more creativity and development in the production and design of products. And produce more products that are popular with everyone. So how to printing the best notebook?

1.The printing machine has high precision

The high precision of the printing machine is a prerequisite for printing a large area of the base color. If the printing pressure is low, can printing a uniform solid background color. Indicating that the printing machine has high precision.

2.Use larger printing pressure

When printing on the spot, using a larger printing pressure . On the one hand is conducive to the full contact of the printing surface to get a thick and thick imprint. Other hand, it can promote the penetration of the ink on the paper.

3.Need proper roller lining

Improper lining of the plate cylinder and blanket. It will cause a large uneven sliding on the imprinting surface. Resulting in ink streaks and affecting the uniformity of the solid ink layer. 4.The blanket should have high elasticity

The elasticity of the blanket is good, and the ink on the blanket can full contacted with the surface of the paper. Resulting in a good transfer of the ink and a uniform and thick base color. The blanket is aging, and if it is too tight, the elasticity of the blanket will decrease.

5.Printing plate

The printing is full and solid, and a solid printing plate should expose as usual. To reduce production costs and improve work efficiency. Factories can also use old printing plates for full-page printing. When printing strong colors, such as dark blue, it is best to use a completely blank printing plate. Or install and print the old printing plate in reverse. When printing weak colors, such as yellow and bright oil. Since it is difficult for the human eye to distinguish the photosensitive resin. The slight difference between the ink adsorption and transfer of alumina in the blank part. Can direct to use the old printing plate left after the last printing.

In short, custom notebook printing needs to grasp the above 5 points. And then can print high-quality notepad notebooks.
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